Discover Savings in Every Cloud - Clear, Transparent, Real

With Elite Cloud, you get not only a customized management platform but also a partner dedicated to optimizing your cloud journey, ensuring you experience real savings every step of the way.

Our Partners

Cloud Transparency - We Make Monitoring and Tracking a Breeze

Deliver resource visibility and always-on optimization intelligence.

Sell More, Stress Less - The Power of Our Reseller Program

Easily monitor cloud infrastructure to ensure secure configuration

Transform Your Business

Free yourself from administrative works

Imagine what you can accomplish without the distraction of administrative workloads, the calculation and risk monitoring.

Optimize Cost and savings

Manage and monitoring your cloud spend efficiently and leave it to the professional

Accelerate Your Growth

Focus on the Sales. Prioritize selling and bring more income to your business without worrying about the operation while saving more money.

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Three Steps To Service Mechanism

Elite Cloud aggregates a large number of Cloud services used by
customers to make batch discounted purchases that offer discounts on their
differences, significantly reducing the cost of use.

Our Testimonials

We are The Best Cloud Service Provider

“Are you exploring ways to reduce your cloud services costs? Or perhaps you’re venturing into building your own cloud business? Either way, Elite Cloud is the partner you need. Reach out to us, and we’ll provide the optimal solution tailored to your business needs. Choose Elite Cloud – where we translate your aspirations into reality with superior cloud solutions.”

With the Platform that provided by Elite Cloud, we don't have to worry about the reselling process anymore, which make us focus on the business.

Tommy Lee Reseller

Wonderful Service! High efficiency ! We save around 20% of the AWS cost after joining in the program.

Jacky Chen Customer

The only partner that I work with reply message 24/7, and saved us from the emergency situation multiple times!

Jusine Customer

Great coaching for how to develop the business, and providing useful platform to help us manage all our clients.

Eric Reseller

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Most frequent questions and answers
  • Because we purchase a massive amount of cloud service, we are able to obtain a more competitive price.
  • The only process is changing the payment organization. During this process, there won’t be any service disruption, and there’s no downtime.
  • The root account is owned by the clients, so we wouldn’t have access to their customer accounts. We can only access billing information.