Elite Cloud Assists NetTide Information Technology in AWS Migration


Founded in 2014 and based in Fuzhou Software Park, NetTide Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a renowned domestic provider of IDC and internet cloud security services in China. The company specializes in IDC services, DDoS attack security, intelligent DNS protection, and cloud computing architecture. Highly valuing technological innovation and quality service, NetTide has expanded its business scope to software development and advertising, aiming to reduce enterprises’ IT infrastructure costs and technical barriers. The project migrated this time is a cutting-edge digital advertising platform with integrated social functions, designed specifically for advertisers and publishers in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. Leveraging advanced data analytics, the platform strives to optimize ad delivery, enhance user engagement, and amplify brand influence.

Due to scalability issues, high operational costs, limited integration options with other marketing tools on their current cloud provider, and customer demand for advanced data analytics capabilities, the client entrusted Elite Cloud to assist in migrating the platform to AWS. This move aims to enhance platform functionality while reducing operational costs, considering AWS’s global robust infrastructure, cost efficiency, and provision of advanced analytics and machine learning services.

Project Goals & Pain Points

  1. Support business flexibility and scalability
  2. Business RTO < 4 hours
  3. Achieve database high availability
  4. Successful data warehouse deployment
  5. Recent frequent outages on current cloud provider impacting business
  6. Extensive use of self-built services like MySQL databases, Redis caches on original cloud platform, requiring significant operations effort for underlying security and version maintenance

Expected Project Deliverables

The client will consider the project successful if the following main criteria are met:

No. Descriptions Measurements
1 Database migration completed with data integrity verified Pass testing
2 EKS cluster elastic scaling time ≤ 30 minutes Pass testing
3 AWS cloud resource and application monitoring metrics alerting to email Pass testing
4 AWS cloud resource and application monitoring metrics email alerting Pass testing
5 Cost control with clear billing Pass testing

Recommended Architecture Diagram

To meet the client’s requirements, the overall business system architecture deployed is as follows:

Architecture diagram image
  1. Current Cloud Architecture

    • Cloud provider’s K8S service, Kubernetes version 1.27
    • Operating System: CentOS 7
    • Databases: MySQL, Redis
    • Data Warehouse: Maxcompute
  2. Architecture After AWS Migration

    • EKS service to host business
    • Operating System: CentOS 7
    • Database: Aurora MySQL
    • Cache Database: Redis
    • Storage: OSS -> AWS S3
    • Data Warehouse: Redshift
    • Data Analytics: Sagemaker

Network Design

  1. Create a VPC network in the Tokyo Region to implement a virtual network environment
  2. Create Public and Private Subnets, with NAT Gateway and bastion host deployed in the public subnet, and EKS Worker Node Group in the private subnet. Worker Nodes access the internet and third-party interfaces through NAT.
  3. Relational and non-relational databases deployed in the private subnet

EKS Cluster Design

  1. Worker Nodes deployed across multiple availability zones to ensure business availability
  2. Use Cluster Auto Scaling as the Kubernetes auto-scaling tool to meet elastic demands and reduce operations workload
  3. Core business deployed in the EKS cluster, including front-end, back-end, and data marketing function modules
  4. Nodes deployed in Private Subnet, preventing public exposure for security and control
  5. Node group security group only allows access from the EKS cluster and ELB

Data Analytics Layer

  1. Use Redshift as the data warehouse, with data from Aurora MySQL ingested to Redshift via ZeroETL for analysis
  2. Business source data collected to S3 buckets, processed via the Sagemaker service

Security Design

  1. IAM account permission segregation and grouping
  2. CloudTrail log auditing
  3. AWS Config for centralized configuration management

Migration Success Delivery Criteria

  • Solution meets requirements
  • Migration documentation complete and meets requirements
  • Application and data migration fully completed
  • Functionality meets requirements after migration
  • Business stable for 15 working days post-cutover

Delivery Targets

  • Architecture optimization report
  • Project incremental escort
  • AWS cloud architecture description
  • Account & IAM permissions best practices
  • Service operations validation files

This customer case study showcases Elite Cloud’s assistance to NetTide Information Technology Co., Ltd. in migrating from their previous cloud provider to AWS, including project goals, pain points, expected deliverables, recommended architecture diagram, migration success criteria, and delivery targets.