Amazon Cognito Features Pricing And Cost Saving

Amazon Cognito: Features, Pricing And Cost Saving

What is Amazon Cognito?

Amazon Cognito is a cloud-based service offered by AWS that provides two main capabilities: user identity and data synchronization. It allows developers to add user sign-up, sign-in, and access control to their web and mobile apps quickly and easily. At its core, Cognito facilitates the management of user identities, including social identity providers like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, as well as enterprise identity providers via SAML 2.0.

Amazon Cognito: Features, Pricing And Cost Saving

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Core Features of Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito provides various features for Customer Identity and access management (CIAM), which include:

  1. User Authentication and Authorization: Cognito provides a secure and scalable user authentication process. It allows users to sign in through a variety of methods, including social media accounts, SAML-based identity providers, and through their identity system using Amazon Cognito User Pools. Once authenticated, Cognito handles user authorization, ensuring that users have appropriate access to resources.
  2. User Directory Management: Cognito User Pools serve as a scalable user directory. It allows for easy management of user-profiles and integrates smoothly with other AWS services. The service also supports custom attributes for user profiles, allowing for tailored user experiences based on individual user data.
  3. Security and Compliance: Security is a critical concern in user management, and Cognito provides robust features to address this. It offers options such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), encryption of data at rest and in transit, and compliance with various standards and regulations, ensuring that user data is handled securely and following best practices.
  4. Integration with Other AWS Services: Cognito integrates seamlessly with other AWS services like Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, and Amazon API Gateway. This integration allows for the creation of full-fledged, secure applications that leverage the breadth of AWS services while centralizing user identity management within Cognito.

Amazon Cognito Pricing Structure

Amazon Cognito’s pricing model is designed to be cost-effective and scalable, making it fit for businesses of all sizes. It primarily follows a pay-as-you-go approach, where costs are based on the number of monthly active users (MAUs). This structure includes two main components:

  • User Pools: Charges are based on the number of MAUs, and there are no upfront costs or minimum fees. This lets you only pay for the active users you have.
  • Federated Identities: This feature allows users to sign in through third-party identity providers. The pricing is based on the number of identity pool operations.

What is Included in the Free Tier of Amazon Cognito?

Amazon Cognito falls under AWS’s always free tier usage with some limitations in place. You can use the free tier for testing out your application or for low-user-demand applications. The free tier includes

  • 50,000 Monthly Active Users (MAUs) for User Pools
  • Federated Identity Pool of 50 MAUs
  • 10 GB of cloud sync storage with a 12-month expiration after sign-up.
  • 1,000,000 sync operations per month with a 12-month expiration after sign-up.

Cost Optimization Strategies for Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito’s flexible pricing model allows for various cost optimization strategies. That includes:

1. Efficient User Pool Management

Regularly review and clean up inactive users from your user pools. This helps in reducing the number of monthly active users (MAUs) and, consequently, the costs.

2. Smart Use of Federated Identities

When using federated identities, optimize the number of identity pool operations. Cache user data wherever appropriate to reduce redundant operations.

3. Leverage AWS Free Tier

Amazon Cognito offers a generous free tier, which includes 50,000 MAUs each month for User Pools and 50 MAUs for Federated Identities. Maximizing the use of the free tier can significantly reduce costs for small to medium-sized applications.

4. Monitoring and Analytics

Utilizing AWS CloudWatch, AWS Budget, AWS Cost Explorer, and other monitoring tools to track spending can provide insights for cost optimization. 


Amazon Cognito is a powerful and flexible solution for managing user authentication and identity in web and mobile applications. Its unique features with scalability, security, and seamless integration with the AWS ecosystem make it an ideal choice for businesses of different sizes.

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